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In Dr. Neil Bradbury’s A Taste for Poison, which publishes on February 1 2022, he explores the history and science of 11 poisonous substances. Murder & Mayhem had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Bradbury about his work [read more]

Physiology and biophysics professor Bradbury debuts with an accessible and fascinating study of poisons, using real murder cases to explain how the chemicals affect the human body. In the past, poisoning [read more]

This very splendid book is essentially a detailed primer on how to dispose of your enemies, although he is careful to point out, more than once, that you will probably get caught. [read more]

They’re bad to the last drop. Arsenic will cause your cells to cease to function, cyanide will stop your heart and strychnine — fittingly used as a rat killer — causes gruesome, fatal muscle spasms [read more]