• Entertaining and informative. Highly recommended — W. Conrad
  • Cleverly designed and memorably presented — D. Choffnes
  • I never expected to love learning about murder so much — S. Bingham
  • Fascinating insights into the science behind poisons —Y. Astter

Neil has given talks across the country, where his unique approach to science and the human body has made in a consistently popular speaker at high schools, libraries, colleges and science conferences.

All Neil’s talks offer a unique and entertaining glimpse into the macabre world of murder, using a blend of the strange, the bizarre and the poignant, to bring science alive to any audience. The talks are perfect for general audiences wishing to experience a different side of science, through true tales of murder and exotic poisons. The talks will also appeal to scientific groups who wish to learn more about poisons, their history and use, in an informative, yet light, presentation.

Neil is always happy to stick around after the talk to answer questions or just chat.

If you have any questions, or wish to book Neil for a talk, please get in touch.

Topics for Neil’s talks include


Does your evening cocktail taste a little different? Has a spouse recently increased your life insurance policy? Has a neighbor started growing some unusual plants? Then this is the talk for you. This presentation explores the effects of poisons on the human body, and examines the motives of killers in plotting murder. Expect lethal umbrellas, deadly cocktails, and killer curries.

A Taste for Poison is a unique combination of science, true crime and murder mystery. You will learn the symptoms to expect if you are poisoned, and if you have time, what to tell the paramedics you have been given.


A journey from Victorian Afternoon Teas deigned to elicit gossip, to the roles of teatime favorites like scandalous scones and Deadly Dundee cake in murder most foul. Expect scandal, deadly doctors and Vincent van Gogh. You will never look at an invitation to afternoon tea in the same way again.

Poisoners Afternoon Tea is a unique combination of science, true crime and murder mystery perfectly suited to an elegant afternoon tea party.