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“A fascinating tale of poisons and poisonous deeds which both educates and entertains” Kathy Reichs Bestselling Author of the Bones Series

“A taut. exciting read about some of the most diabolical killers in history – the poisoners. Bradbury’s fusion of science and slayings is grounded in research that reads like a thriller” Kate Winkler Dawson, Bestselling author of American Sherlock: Murder, Forensics and the Birth of American CSI

“A Taste for Poison weaves jaw-dropping true stories and spellbinding histories behind the most infamous poisons in the world. Page after page, readers will be alternately entertained, horrified and educated on the notorious molecules of death. A thrilling read” Lydia Kang, Bestselling author of Quackery: A briefs history of the worst ways to cure anything

“I couldn’t stop reading” Penny Le Couteur Author of Napoleon’s Buttons

“Bradbury writes with wit, flair and authority” Lindsey Fitzharris Bestselling author of The Butchering Art

“Delightfully detailed and engaging. It is a brilliant mix of well-known and less familiar poisons that draws on a huge range of real-life cases and examples. Even those already familiar with poisoning cases or physiology will find something new and intriguing in its pages. Bradbury’s enthusiasm for his subject shines through. A fascinating read from start to finish” Kathryn Harkup Bestselling author of A is for Arsenic

“An unselfconsciously jaunty work of horror….its stories may leave you eyeing your housemates and sniffing your coffee” Judy Melinck M.D. and T.J. Mitchell Bestselling authors of Working Stiff

“Original, invigorating, fascinating, the working of crime from a scientific basis” Judith Flanders Bestselling author of The Invention of Murder

“What’s not to love about this book? A tremendously entertaining dip into the dark and compelling world of death” Dame Sue Black Author of All that Remains

“A winning mixture of hard science and true crime stories, is almost indecently entertaining” Daily Mail Book of the week

“Best non-fiction selection” Amazon Editors Choice Best book